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Discover our diverse selection of cosmetic dental treatments. We offer services to transform your smile.

Home Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening systems allow you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. At-home professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular methods of achieving a brighter smile. Professional at-home teeth whitening requires custom-made trays, and professionally dispensed teeth whitening gel which you can only purchase through a licensed dentist. This method can whiten your teeth about 6-8 shades.

The whitening gel is placed in custom-fitted trays that fit perfectly over your teeth. As the peroxide in the gel breaks down, hydroxyradicals enter the tooth to naturally whiten the stains. Unlike strips, this process whitens all your teeth and provides maximum comfort with less sensitivity and gum irritation.

Dental Examinations

Dentists recommend that you have a check up every six months so that any early decay can be spotted before it gets the chance to cause a lot of damage. The examination also makes sure that your gums are nice and healthy as in later years most teeth are lost to gum disease.The dentist will carefully examine your tongue, floor of mouth and inside your cheek, looking for infections, ulcers, precancerous lesions and oral cancer. If picked up early oral cancer can be treated.

The whitening gel is placed in custom-fitted trays that fit perfectly over your teeth. As the peroxide in the gel breaks down, hydroxyradicals enter the tooth to naturally whiten the stains. Unlike strips, this process whitens all your teeth and provides maximum comfort with less sensitivity and gum irritation.


Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Do you ever feel like you have bad breath or an unpleasant taste in your mouth? These symptoms are indicators of gum disease. The fact is that many people neglect their gums, and without healthy gums perfectly good teeth can be lost.

To prevent gum disease, soft plaque and hard deposits of tatar will be removed during your hygiene appointment. Staining will be polished away and measures to improve hygiene at home will be advise

Composite White restorations

White fillings are made of dental composite synthetic resins and are used as healthy and attractive alternates to amalgum fillings, because of their aesthetic and restorative characteristics. White fillings are chosen and designed to match your tooth colour, texture and translucency.

Dental Implants


Dental implants are the latest innovation to replace a missing tooth or a number of teeth. An implant consists of an artificial titanium rod, which is placed directly into the jawbone and acts as a replacement for the root portion of the natural tooth. Once the implant has intergrated with the jaw bone, a crown will be fitted on top.



Crowns are a type of dental restoration which, when cemented into place, full cup over the portion of the tooth that lies at and above the gum line. Crowns can be made out of porcelain, porcelain & precious metal, or gold. They are used to; restore a tooth to its original state/ strenghten a tooth/ to improve the cosmetic apperance of a tooth.

Michigan Night Guards for Tooth grinding


Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can cause jaw and tooth pain, headaches, and wear and tear on the teeth. Mouth guards for teeth grinding are designed to be worn while sleeping at night to help prevent this from happening. The wearer may still try to make the movements, but the guard cushions the teeth and keeps them from touching. People who grind their teeth at night risk serious dental problems. Eventually, the teeth can start to wear down. As the enamel on the teeth wears away, there is less protection around the roots. Sensitive teeth, toothaches and cavities can result. One of the best ways to prevent these problems is by using specially designed mouth guards for teeth grinding.

Smile Makeover

If you are unhappy with your teeth but are unsure how to proceed, why not book yourself in for a discussion about a ‘Smile Makeover’.

Dr. Mendoza will examine your teeth, listen to your concerns and create a bespoke programme of cosmetic dentistry especially for you.

Not everybody wants the full ‘Hollywood’ smile, but if you’re unhappy with the way your teeth and gums look, we can devise a treatment program based around what you would like to see when you look in the mirror. From polishing out small chips, to fitting braces and placing implants, Keep Smiling can provide you with everything you need to create you ideal smile.

Orthodontics: Invisalign, invisible and transparent braces


Orthodontics goes beyond the traditional notion of braces for young people; it's a growing choice for adults aiming to align their smiles and fix improper bites. As an exclusive field within dentistry, orthodontics offers specialized treatments to handle abnormalities in teeth and jaw alignment. What sets orthodontists apart is their extended training and expertise, allowing them to craft individualized solutions for every patient. Whether it's enhancing your smile or addressing a specific dental issue, orthodontic care delivers personalized paths to dental health, uniquely designed for you.

Mouth guards for Sports


Mouth guards for Sports, also known as gumshields or sportsguards, play a vital role in protecting athletes' teeth, gums, and mouth from potential harm during contact sports. While boil and bite gumshields are readily available, they often provide a poor fit, leading to speech difficulties and discomfort. For a truly secure and comfortable experience, it's essential for sports enthusiasts to invest in a 'Custom Made Mouthguard' from a dental professional. These custom-fitted guards offer optimal protection without inhibiting communication or causing discomfort, ensuring you can focus on the game at hand

Price List

Dental Examination/

Including written treatment report.

Digital Radiographs

£20.00 each

Home Tooth Whitening System


White Composite Fillings


From £295.00


From £365.00

Large Reconstruction


Root Canal Treatment

From £1395.00



Porcelain Veneers

From £1495.00

Michigan Night inc. Guard adjustments


Anti snoring guards


Sports mouth guard


Dentures: Cobolt chrome, Aycrilic


Denture repairs


Dental Implants


Implant crown

From £1795.00
+ abutment



Orthodontic consultation

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