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Nervous Patients

If you are nervous about seeing a dentist, you are not alone!
Many people feel anxious about dental treatment.
Dental anxiety and a dread of the dentist is a serious problem for some patients and here at Keep Smiling Dental Practice we address this problem with due care, from the moment you book an appointment to the completion of your treatment.

People of all ages and backgrounds are affected by dental anxiety. They needlessly worry about, postpone, or avoid seeing the dentist and the only thing that forces them to do so is extreme pain.

Being nervous about going to the dentist affects people in different ways:

  • You may be anxious about specific aspects of the dental treatment.

  • You had an unpleasant experience as a child.

  • You may dislike being in close contact with someone you do not know very well. We have a special interest in helping patients who are nervous of treatment. Over the years, we have helped many people overcome their fears. If you have not been to the dentist for a long time, do not feel embarrassed, we have seen this many, many times. We will not be shocked; we have helped many people who have not seen a dentist for years. We do not want you to feel guilty or bad that you haven't been and we will never be disapproving or judgmental.

  • We try very hard to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

If you are nervous:

  1. We will first of all meet you just for a chat (consultation) and learn exactly what your worries are. You do not even have to sit in the dental chair initially.

  2. We will put ourselves in your hands. You are in control at all times. Only treatment that you are comfortable about having carried out will be carried out.

  3. We will keep you in control. Even if you want us to stop during treatment - just let us know. If we are in the middle of doing something, put your hand up and we will stop IMMEDIATELY.

Nottinghill Dental Clinic
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