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Mouth guards for Sports

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using Sports Mouth Guards
Mouthguards, gumshields or sportsguards, they have lots of names but all aim to protect the wearers teeth, gums and mouth from harm.

There are lots of gumshields available, the cheapest gumguards are the boil and bite ones that can be bought in sports shops or chemists. The cheap boil and bite mouthguards tend to be poor fitting and inhibit the wearers ability to talk clearly and often encourages a gag reflex due to the guards ability to move around in the mouth too easy. It is important for ANY sports person undertaking any level of contact sport that requires the use of a mouthguard to get a 'Custom Made Mouthguard' from a dentist.

Benefits of Custom Made Mouth guards

If you don't wear a mouthguard and you were to be hit in the face,  the teeth can come together with such force that teeth can be broken and at worst the jaw can be broken and you can suffer with concussion due to the shock of the blow being transmitted through the skull. The long term cost financially and psychologically to the sufferer is unmeasurable. is essential that everyone who should wear a mouthguard, wears a Custom Made Mouthguard.

The benefits of wearing a Custom Made Mouthguard are:

Functions of a laboratory Custom Made Mouth guard

  • Spread the forces of a direct blow around the dental arch and mouthguard

  • Prevent lacerations to gums, tongue and cheeks

  • Reduce the risk of dento-alveolar fractures 

  • Reduce risk of avulsed teeth

  • Prevent concussions

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